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Simple Arrangements
and Good People assure
Business Recovery and Continuity
and improve your Profitability

Business continuity planning is an investment not a cost. Uneducated businesses seem too busy in today's commercial environment to accept the benefits and devote the necessary resources to it. They do not recognise the bottom line profits that are there through good commercial housekeeping.
Today, your business is governed by more and more regulations and inspections. Defaults and contraventions can lead to significant criminal penalties including personal jail sentences not to mention contingent civil liabilities. Effective and well tested business crisis planning will go a long way to mitigating these penalties. It will give comfort to your banker, insurer, your people and shareholders and, most importantly, to YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

8 out of 10 businesses do not survive a disaster.

Graeme H Bettison, Chairman, Solutions Assured Group

1999 UK Seminar Programme

  • Our three - day seminar programme delivered in your area brings to your business a cost effective and tailor made opportunity to learn from the experiences of our keynote speakers.
  • Attendance will demonstrate your commitment to your business
Directors and Senior Management - Day One - covers:
  • Anatomy of a Crisis - case studies by keynote speakers
  • Reputation & Image Management
  • Media Relations
  • Legal, Insurance & Accountancy Requirements - see KEY TIPS
  • Business Continuity - Planning for and Managing an Effective Response
Senior and Middle Management - Day Two:
  • Session 1 - for Corporate Services directors and managers such as personnel & human resources, finance & IT, insurance and facilities management
  • Session 2 - for Production & Technical directors and managers looking particularly at the supply processes into your business and related contingency arrangements

Senior and Middle Management - Day Three:

  • Session 3 - for Sales & Marketing directors and managers looking particularly at customer retention strategies
  • Session 4 - for Health & Safety and Security Operations

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This was a sample HTML newsletter I put together for Solutions Assured on my return to Kall Kwik in July 1999. Shame it never saw the light of day...