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This was one of the first web sites I made, in June 1999, just after returning to Kall Kwik Paisley. I made it using Simpletext, Photoshop, BBEdit 4.5 and raw html code.
Solutions Assured

Welcome to the Solutions Assured Web Site

The journey from Emergency to Crisis and Disaster.

Any large or small circumstance, arising unexpectedly or without warning, which may affect a business and/or the persons involved in maintaining the functioning of that business so adversely, as to damage critically, even terminally, the financial viability or future of that business. This affect will include the business's shareholders, directors, management, staff, creditors, funders, or suppliers, and inevitably their families and communities.

The contents of this FiloPax Planning Manual© are compiled to aid managers in preparing and planning for emergency situations, and to ensure an effective managed response. The FiloPax Planning Manual© is a reflection of good management. As such it is hands-on, accessible, flexible, adaptable and innovative.

It assists good people to form, implement and test simple plans.

It is delivered in a style so as to be immediately at hand in the event of an incident. It is designed to give easy reference and be easily read.

It is also designed to meet not only the needs of the organisation, its shareholders and managers but also the individuals responsible for outcomes. Additionally it aids regulators, suppliers and even customers. It benefits the community and public. Its introduction demonstrates best practice.

By their very nature crises and emergencies arrive unexpectedly and at any moment, day or night. It is almost inevitable that those responsible for dealing with these matters can be anywhere except where the event itself is occurring. The FiloPax© is designed to be in the possession of each responsible individual wherever they may be and thus readily accessible as the Crisis and Disaster Manual, at any time.

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